Who we are

BAB AIR LTD has started its journey in 2009 as an aviation support company of renowned NOVO Group. The BAN AIR LTD has been enlisted with Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh as an Operational Services Provider (OSPL # 7).

BAN AIR LTD is a trustworthy friend of our valued clients who want to overfly Bangladesh airspace and operate flights (cargo/passenger) to/from any International airports within Bangladesh. BAN AIR LTD comply with civil aviation rules and regulations. It meets International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)’s and International Air Transport Association (IATA)’s standards in providing full range of operational services including Flight Permits, Ground Support Services, Ramp Services, Passenger and Cargo Handling, Refueling Services, etc.

BAN AIR LTD and its parent organization NOVO Group have good relationship with CAAB and other regulatory authorities. BAN AIR LTD also maintains cordial business relationship with flight operation supporting agencies like Biman-Bangladesh Airlines, Padma Oil Ltd, Airport Customs, Airport Immigration, CAAB’s Operations Units, etc.