Flight Permit Services

Overfly/Landing Permissions:    We have the ability to secure all required flight permits from the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB) in the fastest and the most efficient way. BAN AIR arranges overflight permission for over flying Bangladesh airspace. BAN AIR arranges landing permission and parking bay allocation for non-schedule/chartered foreign flights (cargo/passenger) including any Emergency Medical Evacuation flight, Humanitarian Assistance flight, United Nations flight, Flight Making Technical Landing for refueling/any other purpose, etc.

Flight Planning: BAN AIR prepares the ICAO Flight Plan (Plan De Vol) for the flight and get approval from different agencies including Pre-Flight Briefing Office. A copy of approved Flight Plan is handed over to crew before departure.

NOTAM (Notice To Airmen) : BAN AIR collects copies of valid NOTAM, from airport NOTAM Office, that may affect the flight operations and hands over to crew before the flight.

Met Briefing/Weather Forecast: BAN AIR coordinates with airport Meteorological Services Unit and arrange met briefing for crew. A met briefing folder with present and forecast weather information/charts is handed over to crew.